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Shifting Our Energy | Again Gone… An Artistic Glance at 'Chi-raq'



Over the past few months, the news has been inundated with tragic stories concerning the insurgence of violence in Chicago. After speaking with our Editor-In-Chief, we decided that it is beyond necessary to address what is going on in 'Chiraq'.  Imagine, a city with so much beauty and history being compared to a war zone. Well, it's real. It is happening, and we (along with so many others) want to take part in finding solutions to rid this beloved city of such a horrific stigma.

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She Is She. You Are You. | Shantell Martin in Black and White

ShantellMartin 2


When most people think of art, they think of intricate paintings or sculptures that they call beautiful simply because someone told them that they were. We have created our own impression on what "acceptable" art is and is not. The way we see it, everyone's mind works as it's own puzzle and we are truly lucky when we get to see someone's inner waves comes to life.

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Fully CHARged and ready to GAUX | Meet Charly & Margaux



Cue the dopest future-soul set at FreeCandy in Brooklyn, NY. Then add a room packed with the most eclectic unicorns, butterflies and mermaids you'd ever want to see in one place. Next, add a black lighting and a bit of incense. Done yet? Not quite. Make the creatures dance all together, warm bodies, hair swinging, muscles contracting, and add... ...my need to use le toilette. DAMMIT! The only thing worse than having to stop the epic party feel, is getting to the bathroom and then discovering...there is NO TOILET PAPER. Cue my side eye. "Uhhhhhhhhhh........" I say nervously. Then cue a voice, "Girl, I got chu!"

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Editor's Pick | Vintage Frames by Cory Shapiro 'Love/Hate' Collection



I have been a fan of Vintage Frames since I was first introduced to the brand back in 2011 or so. Outside of the dope design concepts, the use of classic tooling, and hand craftsmanship that derived from Cory Shapiro not wanting to put anything out that he himself would not wear - I'd have to say that the artistic vision and story put into each collection is what caught my attention.

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Saint Laurent Fall/Winter '14 Men's Sneaker Collection

st laurent-fw14sneakers


 St. Laurent unveiled a selection of four hightops as a preview of their 2014 fall/winter men's collection. The gothic rock inspired sneakers will be available in black and white featuring premium metals, straps, and stud embellishments.  

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River Island Fall/Winter '14

 riverislandfallwinter2014 cover


As one of the most successful retailers in the UK, we can not say that we are surprised that River Island's Fall/Winter 2014 menswear collection has yet again effortlessly meshed head to toe looks with affordable price points for the budget conscious fashonisto. It's no secret that we love our high end designers, however, fashion is an artform and it is more about what and how you put it together rather who you put together (at least in our minds). With design, sustainability, and style at the forefront of their creative process check out their presentation.

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In Case You Missed It | Evan Yurman Named Chief Design Director

 David Yurman and Evan Yurman


Word on street is that Evan Yurman will be leaving his spot as David Yurman men's designer to take on a new role as the Chief Design Director for the company!!!! Evan, who is the prodigal son of David and Sybil Yurman (husband and wife creators/owners), has been the sole designer for David Yurman Men's since 2004. He will now be taking the lead in ushering the brand into a new era. Evan is said to have drawn inspiration for the men's collection from everything from dungeons and dragons, to maritime themes and Greek mythology. His funky and eclectic use of materials range from ethically sourced turquoise to actual meteors that have traveled into the earths atmosphere. With the price of the pieces ranging from the low hundreds to thousands of dollars, the Yurman's  have seen a double digit rise in sales since he has taken over the men's design.

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Supermodel Style | Kate Moss x Topshop SS '14

 Kate Moss TopShop ss14 Cover


Kate Moss has teamed up with Top Shop owner Sir Phillip Green for a second time to bring her signature bohemian style to Select Nordstrom stores here in the US. The festival-ready collection features fringe, flowing tops, sequined mesh bolero jackets,pajama pants suits, and intricately fabulous sequined cocktail dresses. Moss has been a long time trendsetter in fashion since she hit the scene as a teenager. Her collaboration with Topshop showcases her evolving style as well as some of this seasons hottest trends. The collection (which hit Nordstrom stores April 29th, and ranges in price from $76 to $1200 USD) has already been featured in Harpers Bazaar.

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The Death of Mediocrity | Kelly Towles

alison carney x kelly towles


I get the opportunity to travel a great deal in the US, and often I am wowed by my findings. I have a special love for cities like Chicago, LA, DC, NYC, and even Atlanta because of their richness of culture and teach city's desire to show the world what they are made of. On a recent trip from NYC to Southern VA, decided to stop in my hometown of Washington, DC because I was invited to an art opening, ironically my first invite as a VIP/Media previewer...yes, I felt special. So, despite my crazy schedule, how could I miss that? The answer is, I couldn't.

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The weather is getting a tad bit warmer, not a whole lot, but definitely a bit. Right on schedule, since cuffing season is coming to an abrupt end, we need something else to satiate our need to feel good. So instead of cozying up with a vintage fur or a under a customized knit blanket with a significant other, it is time to get up, get out, and do something a little exclusive. Enter Cinq, the newest member of the Chicago Bite Club, an underground supper club founded by the elusive Chef T.

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