Haute Chicago


Bohemian Rhapsody


Colorful, eclectic, sophisticated, and unique are a few words that describe Boho Gal's collection of designs.


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Denim Nation

We at Haute Chicago LOVE denim! From Joe Jeans, to G-Star, to Desiel we have seen some the most cutting edge technologies applied to our beloved blues. In keeping with that theme, we would like to introduce you to the latest premium denim maker, Wangu. Enjoy ;)

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A Return to Refined Sophistication

As fashion continues to move in a polished, sleek manner, channeling sophistication that requires acute attention to styling and accessories, strong headwear has become an avant-garde symbol of a keen sense of fashion.  Tonya Gross Millinery has found a way to contribute to the movement, creating “editorial, but wearable” hats that command attention as the wearer attends the theater, or walks down the avenue to meet friends for brunch.  

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