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Oh Sheit it's......Thundercat, Clearly.



When I get to write about artists I've had the pleasure to meet I get SO excited. My first experience with Thundercat was through J*Davey, and let me say: his music is as dope as his personality....a little crazy...but the GOOD kind!!! Hahahaha!!!! This track makes you wanna get up and dance wherever you are. Ok, so lets say you're in your car with your girls/guys and can't quite "get up and dance...." That's cool, just turn it up in your speakers and throw your head around like you're at Studio 54 meets 2013 ...what would that make it? Studio 13? Idk. Back to the point.... "Oh Sheit It's X" is a funky tribute to the party life...you don't have to get into the life, but you'd be a fool not to get into this. Flying Lotus knew what he was doing signing this music maniac to his Brainfeeder label!!!!! Wooooo!

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Are You Going My Way? Introducing Conway

conway editorial


Pulse Recordings is known for its amazing artists and we get excited when someone stands out in an already dope crowd. Landing from somewhere in outter space, Conway has touched down and made different awesome!!! We got a chance to interview her and she is a breath of unabashed fresh air... We're definitely going her way. Get into Conway.

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Sugar, Spice & Just Everything! Introducing Wanderhouse

wanderhouse editorial


If you don't know about this group yet, you have been missing out on music that will take you to a higher level. It draws you in and makes you pay attention to what people are always saying music does to your soul....the music forces it to move. We recently featured their single Sugar, but that is NOT enough. We need you to fall in love with them the way we have!!! Check out Wanderhouse.

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