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Who is Toye Adedipe ? | Celebrity Wardrobe Fashion Stylist



Haute Chicago consistently strives to bring you the latest and the best. Toye Adedipe is no exception. After graduating from Florida A&M University (FAMU) and relocating to Atlanta, he realized that his background in Fine Arts and Graphic Art Design were only preparation to become a fashion advisor to the likes of Keri Hilson, Christina Millian and Cassie Ventura. His work has been featured on VH1, Playboy TV and in Ebony Magazine, and this is only the beginning of great things to come.

HC: So, who exactly is Toye Adedipe?

TA: Well I'm now starting to understand what I've probably always known.. "Toye Adedipe" is a spiritual person having a human experience and I express my passion through my brand and work as a fashion stylist.

HC: How did you initially get started in the industry after finishing your studies at FAMU?

TA: Well I actually started while I was in school. I started doing my research on fashion styling and landed an internship with a well-known stylist. Honestly, I discovered I was NOT assistant material so I started doing the legwork on my own. It took me about a year after graduation but I starting styling celebrities on my own and never looked back.

HC: Give us an idea of the primary services that you offer.

TA: I offer premium opportunities for my clients to become branded through styling. I am a wardrobe and fashion stylist so dressing people is what I do but allowing people, and brands, the ability to reflect their highest potential through styling is what I do best.

HC: What are your top five tips as a fashion stylist?

TA: My top tips as a fashion stylist for clients is to:
Know your body type. Always find garments that make you look your absolute best)
Accentuate your strengths and camouflage your flaws
Find a consistent "look" that speaks to you and tweak it with current trends
Don't be afraid to reinvent your current style with an updated hair cut and makeup/ grooming. You'd be surprised how refreshing/rejuvenating it can be to your overall look.

HC: What are your top three tools and resources that you can't live without?

TA: Three resources I can't live without are my stylist kit: it's a life saver!! My iPhone: it's my mobile office on the go. And although its more mental than physical, a creative imagination: it keeps the ideas flowing!

HC: You've styled some of the top celebrities out there. What are some of the favorite looks you've compiled?

TA: Well, I have favorites with all of my clients but recently, I had the pleasure of working with the girl pop group The Saturdays for a promo shoot. They were a lot of fun and it reflected in their look. Keri Hilson is also one of my favorites as well. We just did a red carpet for Gillette razor and she fit the concept for the event perfectly, love styling her. She's always open to creative ideas and knows what works on her body.

HC: What are some of your upcoming projects or events?

TA: Well aside from styling my clients, I've been working on The Master Class of Fashion Styling (or MCFS) by Toye Adedipe. It is an online workshop in which I teach aspiring fashion stylists how to break into the industry and operate a professional styling business. Students obtain an interactive session with me while learning from the comfort of their own home. It's supper fun and informative and a great way to network with other like-minded stylists. People can visit TheMasterClassOfFashionStyling.com for more detail and updates.

HC: What is your favorite trend for Spring 2013?

TA: Favorite trends for spring would have to be color and print. I love how I've been seeing a lot of tribal prints show up in fashion and design. I don't have any tattoos so lately I've been wearing colorful prints on my clothes as a kinda form of body art. Less painful and totally removable when I get board with it.

HC: What's in store next in the fabulous life of Toye Adedipe?

TA: Only God knows, but the plan is to keep growing, and focusing on the future. I just want to be happy and fulfilled.

To follow Toye and to find out more about his projects, upcoming events and services, visit:

Instagram: @toyeadedipe