Haute Chicago

Event Recap | Young Thug 'Slime Season 3 Tour' @ The Vic



It's no secret that Young Thug came to Chicago and set the city ablaze. Being one of the few artists that has consistently sold out every show on their tours in minutes, it's clear that the people have spoken and what they have said is that he is here to stay. Whether you are a fan of the young artist or critical of his non traditional persona, one thing is for sure: He has the ability to bring people together from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and that is to be commended.

Chicago is one of the most segregated city's in the US, if not the most segregated. With said segregation comes much diversity and cultural homage, but it also leaves very few spaces for locals to partake in enjoyment and celebration collectively as a city.

When you think of artists such as Lil Herb, and Lil Yatchy who were also on the ticket, the stigmatism of what the nation considers to be "Chi-raq" comes to mind. You almost expect a rowdy event plagued with alarm and violence. This was not at all the case. Instead, it was a scene were Chicagoans joined together in song, dance, and fun. Race, gender, economic, and so on lines did not exist. In fact the only line that anyone had to deal with was the one at the door that hundreds patiently waited in while being drenched by the pouring rain. If this is this future of Chicago or a sign of what we can be, then we at Haute Chicago are all in. Word to Power 92 for their involvement as well.