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Audio | Auntie Alma's Candy Shop: Interview with Willie D

 willie d podcast 5.19


When it comes to topics like social injustice, it can be a "touchy" subject. However, with the current political climate, more and more artists are starting to speak out on issues that were once taboo to talk about on a public platform.We had the opportunity to speak with Willie D. In true #AuntieAlma form, many of you know her as @SydneyA on twitter, she explores his take on the black lives matter movement, individual growth, and uniting as citizens of a global community. Listen, share, enjoy, + comment. Let the conversation continue. Shout out to Jenny Christian for jumping on this and offering an alternative perspective.





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Hosted by @SydneyA + @JennyMChristian

Curated by: @GeeIsDope