Haute Chicago




The weather is getting a tad bit warmer, not a whole lot, but definitely a bit. Right on schedule, since cuffing season is coming to an abrupt end, we need something else to satiate our need to feel good. So instead of cozying up with a vintage fur or a under a customized knit blanket with a significant other, it is time to get up, get out, and do something a little exclusive. Enter Cinq, the newest member of the Chicago Bite Club, an underground supper club founded by the elusive Chef T.

In his own words, "All of our members had to apply for membership via our website and be approved unanimously by myself and the other co-founders," explains sommelier/co-founder Mark, who works as a sommelier in a Michelin- starred restaurant and does not give out his last name. "Each person applying for membership must have a referral from an existing member — the majority are food, lifestyle and fashion bloggers — and we try to choose people who are social media-savvy. We focus on the bloggers and Twitter users who love to eat good food, learn more about wine and meet new people." (ChicagoBusiness)

Often, I am turned off by uber-exclusivity, but I must say, this is HAUTE! It's a secret society, and all they ask is trust...and ...well...a fee for membership. A food, wine and social club all in one? I'm IN! cinqchicago.com



(photographed above : from the CinqChicago Speakeasy event.)