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Pierre Hardy Black + White Stripe Sneakers

pierre hardy striped leather high top trainers


When it comes to unique footwear, Pierre Hardy is definitely a "go to" brand. Though the luxury shoe designer's entire Spring/Summer 2016 delivery is worth a look, their black and white stripe high top sneaker is a hipster's delight. Beyond the bold zebra print - it's made with soft premium leather taboot.

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Leather Crown Spring/Summer 2013



These shoes were made for walking! John Cavallin specifically designed Leather Crown for the comfort conscious. The in-raised souls make them as pleasing on the foot as they are on the eye. Typically known  known for making sporty sneakers, as a bonus he debuted a couple of cool new additions to this years Spring/Summer delivery.

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Erik Bjerkesjo Fall/Winter 2013



Erik Bjerkesjo's brand was birthed from the vision to develop thoughtful elegant design that is innovative and alludes to post modern synthesis. The fabrication process takes place in his atelier, where each shoe is manually produced by the designer himself alongside skilled craftsmen in Tuscany. The fine pinching on the toe cap, 18k gold pins securely fastening the heels, and almond shaped soles with the designers signature etched in them are all bespoke details of the Bjerkeso's footwear collection. The  images from his Fall/Winter 2013 campaign are amazing!

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