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App Review | Karl Lagerfeld's 'Emoti Karl'



The days of the red dress, pink fingernails, and hair flip emojis are numbered as fashion creatives mobilize into the technology world. In celebration of his new fragrance line, Karl Lagerfeld's latest project has nothing to do with couture... per say. Last week, the figurehead behind Chanel released Emoti Karl, a free emoji app to promote the line, which takes the art of digitally communicating one's "chic" to the next level.  The app is filled with various hand gestures draped with fingerless gloves, the infamous fan, fragrance bottles, portraits of the eccentric designer (complete with sunglasses and ponytail), expressions of his flirty cat Choupette, plus more. Users are now able to 'Karl-ify' their messages via text, email, and social media.

The graphics are visually pleasing and very style centric. The only downside is that the iPhone and iPad's keyboard doesn't quite compute Karl's language as of yet, so the messages are sent as illustrations versus text. We can only cross our fingers and hope that the app developer will work on integrating  it so it will be more user friendly and allow users to fully emoji in true "bring it on" fashion.

 Available for download on in the Itunes App Store.