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Audio | Liana Bank$ 'Leave Me Alone'

LIANA BANK Leavemealone


 Leave Me Alone is a tale of unrequited love that many women can relate to. On theme with her previous release of M.O.N Liana Bank$ sings about not willing to be the side piece, but wanting more from her suitor. Since the young songwriter stepped on the scene as a solo artist earlier this year, her voice and unique style has been commanding attention. If she keeps going at this rate, she has a long career ahead of her. We can't wait to hear more!

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Audio | Casey Veggies 'Customized Greatly Vol. 4' Mixtape

casey veggies customized greatly 4


Casey Veggies is back with the fourth installment of his fan favorite mixtape series Customized Greatly Vol. 4. With appearances from the likes of  Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign and more it is an excellent follow up to his major label debut back in September. 

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Audio | Joey Purp x Chance The Rapper 'Girls @'

joey purp chance the rapper girls at mp3


With the anticipation of the release for his upcoming mixtape this Friday, Joey Purp decided to give the people a little taste of what to expect. The project, iiiDrops, enlists heavy spitters in the Chicago indie hip-hop seen such as Vic Mensa and Mick Jenkins. Oh, and if Coloring Book left you wanting more Chance The Rapper then Girls @ is the perfect addition to your play list. The flirtatious lyrics compliment almost every type of woman. It's definitely one of those feel good songs to ride to as summertime Chi commences.

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Weekend Rewind | ROYAL x Lil John Roberts 'Crash'

royal john roberts crash


Off their self titled debut, Royal's single, Crash encompasses a little bit of everything that music is. Mike Flo and Devon Lee manage to perfectly collide their two very distinct sounds to give listeners a sneak peak of what to expect on their upcoming LoveBelow/Speakerboxx styled release. It's funk. It's punk. It's hip hop, It's soul. It's dope!

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We Wanna Be Close To You | Last Night in Paris With Taurean Roye

taurean roy 11 15


I stepped off the stage at the Vinyl Room at the Soho House in NYC and needed some fresh air. Most artists are like that when we finish a show. I made my way down the carpeted hallways to the elevator, which was crowded with people. Once I got through the crowd of beautiful people to the front door, I was surprised to have it opened by this striking being. He smiled. I immediately knew he was an artist, and that is exactly what I asked him. His boys low key-arrogantly informed me that it was obvious, but the striking individual that opened the door reached out his hand and said "Hey I'm Taurean."

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Audio | Pull: Saba's 'Heartstrings'

saba heartstrings


Imagine every single voice you've ever heard and loved...really picture and feel how your favorites sound and make you feel. Take a minute to remember why you love their voices so much. Keep going...keep going...a little more....now stop. Clear your entire mind of what it's used to when it comes to singers and get into my newest love, Saba.

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Audio | R∆§H∆Ð 'Time' (freestyle) prod. via DJ Premier

 rashadmusic 1


Fresh off of his latest release I Thought About Leaving Her from his forth coming project The Quiet Loud (due out in mid November) The Columbus Ohio native R∆§H∆Ð pens a new track titled Time (Freestyle) which is his personal message to the young generation. In a time where racial tensions are high, and there's been a call to galvanize the young African American sector. R∆§H∆Ð steps to the plate and encourages the youth to...

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Introducing ndPUSH | Novalis '1.5' EP



 If you follow us on social media, then you have probably noticed that from time to time we post music that you can't find on our website. With the abundance of amazingly talented artists out there, it is impossible for us to cover them all and still offer our readers a well rounded cultural experience. Yet as music lovers of all genres, we understand the desire to find sources of dope new content. That's where NdPush comes in. As an extension of Haute Chicago, It is a digital playlist pushing indie artists to the forefront. The best thing about it is even if you're on the go, all you have to do is plug in your aux cord and PUSH 'play'.

Speaking of amazingly talented artists on ndPUSH....

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Short Film | Hezekiah: Dreams Don't Chase Themselves



Langston Hughes once posed the question, 'What happens to a dream deferred?' Dreams Don't Chase Themselves is a powerful short film where Hezekiah's character chronicles the various challenges he's been faced with in the pursuit of his career. It explores a range of emotion anywhere from self doubt to handling outside influences. In each scene he skillfully demonstrates how important it is to internalize, acknowledge, and address the things that are standing in the way of his vision coming to fruition. As his character goes on this revelatory exploration through a series of dreams, he awakens to the realization that he could very well be his own worse enemy.

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Documentary: 'Skrillex and Friends' Ft. Lauryn Hill, Janelle Monae, Zedd, A$AP Ferg,Damian Marley, Members Of The Grateful Dead and The Doors



Last week Bonnaroo announced its full SuperJam 2015 lineup. The festival is known for being themed around a specific genre of music and bringing artists and musicians together to perform outside of their known style. Last year's theme was electronics, so who better to enlist to host then  Skrillex?  The DJ/Producer put together an all-star band featuring Big Gigantic, Warpaint and members of The Doors, Grateful Dead, and Incubus. The vision was to create one of the most epic mufti-genre dance parties imaginable, which was a success!  Skrillex and Friends is a seven episode behind the scenes documentary that was filmed leading up to last years groundbreaking show. It features  appearances by Ms. Lauryn Hill, A$AP Ferg, Janelle Monae, Damian Marley, Thundercat,  Mystikal, Craig Robinson and  more.

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