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Fully CHARged and ready to GAUX | Meet Charly & Margaux



Cue the dopest future-soul set at FreeCandy in Brooklyn, NY. Then add a room packed with the most eclectic unicorns, butterflies and mermaids you'd ever want to see in one place. Next, add a black lighting and a bit of incense. Done yet? Not quite. Make the creatures dance all together, warm bodies, hair swinging, muscles contracting, and add... ...my need to use le toilette. DAMMIT! The only thing worse than having to stop the epic party feel, is getting to the bathroom and then discovering...there is NO TOILET PAPER. Cue my side eye. "Uhhhhhhhhhh........" I say nervously. Then cue a voice, "Girl, I got chu!"

That is how I met the insanely amazing Charles aka "Charly" of Chargaux, the viola/violin duo taking music to the absolute next level. One has to laugh about a meeting like that, but it got better. "OMG, thank you so much...that could've been....well...you know...." And we laughed. Charly was standing next to another young woman and I was taken aback by their style, and *as I flip my hair* them with mine. We spend about two minutes exchanging compliments, and then Charly asks me where I'm from. "DC," I reply. "Headed back there in a few days to get ready for this show that I help with." Excitedly, they told me they were headed to DC soon for a performance, and in moments we realized we were talking about the exact same event. It was PERFECT!!!

Since that chance meeting, these two women have damn near shut the game down. If you aren't wowed by their innate musical talent, then have a taste of Charly's visual masterpieces, or... if you're still not caught off guard by their absolute AMAZING (yes, I'm using it as a noun), their style is incredible!!!! They take every hair/wardrobe risk known to man and every step is in the right direction.

As graduates of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, as features on projects with Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q, commissions in notable art galleries, and upcoming collaborations with Opening Ceremony, these two are stamping their place in history...art history, musical history, and fashion history. We are so excited to see what they do next, and you should be too. Check out their premiere project The Gallerina Suites and get ready for their upcoming project Broke and Baroque.



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