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Short Film | Hezekiah: Dreams Don't Chase Themselves



Langston Hughes once posed the question, 'What happens to a dream deferred?' Dreams Don't Chase Themselves is a powerful short film where Hezekiah's character chronicles the various challenges he's been faced with in the pursuit of his career. It explores a range of emotion anywhere from self doubt to handling outside influences. In each scene he skillfully demonstrates how important it is to internalize, acknowledge, and address the things that are standing in the way of his vision coming to fruition. As his character goes on this revelatory exploration through a series of dreams, he awakens to the realization that he could very well be his own worse enemy.

 The film is a visual narrative for the Philly native's fourth studio effort entitled the same. Spirits Moves Through All Things, Coming Back is Harder, and Fake It are the perfect introduction to the project as Hezekiah continues to  push hip-hop culture forward.





Stream + Purchase the Full Album w/ bonus Jazz Deluxe Instrumentals is available here.

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