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Audio | Pull: Saba's 'Heartstrings'

saba heartstrings


Imagine every single voice you've ever heard and loved...really picture and feel how your favorites sound and make you feel. Take a minute to remember why you love their voices so much. Keep going...keep going...a little more....now stop. Clear your entire mind of what it's used to when it comes to singers and get into my newest love, Saba.

I met this gem through some artist friends of mine and she runs with a musical house I call family. Automatically, I planned on checking her out, but when I heard this one's voice, I knew it was stamped: she doesn't have next, she has NOW.

Recently featured on a banger with Chaz French, and having bodied a number of covers in a way you would NEVER expect, Saba just released Heartstrings and I'm in love. Mikeyy of 94sGold is NOT playing when it comes to production. He is like magic....and he knows exactly what fits Saba's voice. Don't wait to learn about this crew. Don't wait to fall in love with this woman. She is about to take the entire world by storm and it will be no wonder why storms are named after people. believe that. Let her pull on your heartstrings now. Thank me later.




Curated via @iamalisoncarney