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We Wanna Be Close To You | Last Night in Paris With Taurean Roye

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I stepped off the stage at the Vinyl Room at the Soho House in NYC and needed some fresh air. Most artists are like that when we finish a show. I made my way down the carpeted hallways to the elevator, which was crowded with people. Once I got through the crowd of beautiful people to the front door, I was surprised to have it opened by this striking being. He smiled. I immediately knew he was an artist, and that is exactly what I asked him. His boys low key-arrogantly informed me that it was obvious, but the striking individual that opened the door reached out his hand and said "Hey I'm Taurean."

I was taken aback by his strong British accent. He leaned in and kissed both of my cheeks. The next five minutes were spent discussing music and the Last Night in Paris crew's visit to New York City. Instead of making it a personal connection, we exchanged soundclouds and I went home to listen to his material.

Like most new artists, Taurean comes with a package of really dope counterparts that I spent a decent amount of time taking in. I was particularly attached to a track called Close To You featuring KC, Taurean Roye, and Collard. The track is produced by cblts + fwdslxsh. The entire track kept me engaged from the melodies to the beat itself. It contains so many layers and I kept it on repeat. I giggled at the "I love your f*cking accent....." section at the end before the track itself goes through a trap-esque movement.

I don't know what you're listening to right now, but you need to add Taurean Roye and the entire Last Night in Paris movement to your playlist. For sure. Can't wait to see where this train is headed.



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