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Album Stream: Joey Bada$$ – 'B4.DA.$$'



In other birthday news, Joey Bada$$ released his first studio album to mark the occasion. In traditional Joey fashion, the highly anticipated project consists of solid production from the likes of J-Dilla, The Roots, DJ Premier, Statik Selektah, Hit-Boy, and more.  B4.DA.$$ (Before Da Money) also features tracks with Action Bronson, Elle Varner, and BJ The Chicago Kid to name a few.

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Video: Novelist x Mumdance '1 Sec'



In celebration of his 18th birthday, Novelist has released the visual for 1 Sec. It is the title track of his XL Recordings EP scheduled to be released in the states tomorrow 1/21. The project is a two song collaborative effort between the Emcee and producer Mumdance featuring their previously released Shook, as well as the instrumentals for both. Sit back and enjoy, as the duo take you on a trip through London's dark back streets.

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Fully CHARged and ready to GAUX | Meet Charly & Margaux



Cue the dopest future-soul set at FreeCandy in Brooklyn, NY. Then add a room packed with the most eclectic unicorns, butterflies and mermaids you'd ever want to see in one place. Next, add a black lighting and a bit of incense. Done yet? Not quite. Make the creatures dance all together, warm bodies, hair swinging, muscles contracting, and add... ...my need to use le toilette. DAMMIT! The only thing worse than having to stop the epic party feel, is getting to the bathroom and then discovering...there is NO TOILET PAPER. Cue my side eye. "Uhhhhhhhhhh........" I say nervously. Then cue a voice, "Girl, I got chu!"

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Wednesday Rewind | Miguel 'Simplethings'



So, I admit, I am somewhat obsessed with the HBO series Girls. Judge me if you must, but I think it's healthy to see how other women view life. Plus, Lena Dunham is hilarious to me. Well, since I decided two years ago to eliminate cable television from my home life, whenever I get a chance to catch up on my episodes, I take full advantage. I had just finished watching a pretty awesome episode and decided to get up, make myself useful, and prepare brunch for my kind friends that let me be a couch potato for a few hours in their home. No sooner than I rose, did a smile take residence like an alien invasion on my face.

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Download | Okay Future x Underdog The Dj 'The Unseen 7'



Being a musician I come across so much material, and to be honest, even with a 32GB iPhone, there isn't enough space. I suppose I could throw everything in a cloud, but I need absolute musical bliss at my fingertips at all times! I've been an avid supporter of Underdog The DJ, based out of Washington, DC, for a number of years now. From the OkayAfrica parties to the Future Bass parties, I cannot seem to get enough of his sound. I came across The Unseen series on SoundCloudand after the first one, I wanted another and another and another. Fast forward to now...

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Tracy to Kids…Come in Kids



Pour up (drank). Head shot (drank). Sit down (drank), stand up...Wait...that's already been done. Ok, let's try that again. Put on something fresh (check). Go to the party (check). Dance (check). Smile (check). Laugh (check). Do NOT request a song (you honestly won't even need to—check!). Dance more. Smile Harder. Forget where you are. Let go. Laugh uncontrollably. Repeat! Check. Check. Check. Check. Check! This is the formula you need to attend a party mixed by Spinser Tracy.

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Giving Into the Wynter | Wynter Gordon 'Giving In'



With an angelic voice like hers, you cannot decide whether to close your eyes and be still or move with the beat. 'After you feel it, you're never the same again...' and that is beyond the truth. Wynter Gordon is so on point with her single Giving In. The backdrop is a bit melancholy, but still exciting. It's almost like you are giving into something you know you shouldn't, but you can't help it because it sounds so amazing. Her project Human Condition Pt. 2 Sanguine is one of those that you need on your playlist. It's perfect for late night deep conversations or early morning silent sunrises. It is PERFECTION.

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Wednesday Rewind: 'Nolita' Gilbere Forte feat. Active Child



I must admit, anything featuring Active Child gets my stamp of approval, but Nolita is something that not only gets my stamp, it gets my attention. Gilbere Forte approaches this song from the broken heart perspective...and I LOVE it!!!! Often men don't come across sincere when they talk about love lost...but he does and his voice is PERFECT.... 'Smelling like my past........Imagine Dragon tattoo....Everything reminds me of you....' Is he talking simply about a woman, or a place or both in a way? You be the judge...but listen closely. The electronic sounds combined with the drums make this futuristic track come together with such ease you almost fall in love with Forte's love lost. ...and we've all been there. This song is haute. Gilbere Forte is everything!!! Active Child puts it over the TOP!!!

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This is No Ordinary Music... Azekel



With Sade references, how can you lose? Azekel's vocals (with his accent peeking through) are like a massage, but his "love" message is a bit different than Sade's No Ordinary Love. This song touches on family love, the love between a father and his son....truly no ordinary love. You fall in love with the familiarity of the music but if you take the time to listen to the words, you are taken to a different place...a very powerful one. This is an "haute" of a different kind...and we love it. Azekel is one to watch.

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Blessed By a Saint | Solange Knowles 'Saint Heron'


The culture of music has been changing for some time now, floating just below the clouds, awaiting the perfect landing spot.   But instead of waiting for a manicured grassy knoll to clear, we are presented with a floral, edgy, beaded, vibrant Knowles, and the landing was perfection.  With the November 12th release of Saint Heron, a compilation of genre-bending R&B artists, Solange Knowles has positioned herself (and her budding label Saint Records) to be a catalyst for the change in music as we know it.

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