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Download: Kito & Reija Lee 'Sweet Talk' (KJ Hines Remix)



Atlanta based producer/emcee KJ Hines has taken Kito & Reija Lee' s  Sweet Talk and turned it into a pop and hip-hop infused masterpeice. They say, "if it's not broken then don't fix it." This is one of those times where the saying doesn't apply. While we still absolutely love the original version, whether you are a fan of all the genes blended in this record or just one,  KJ's re-mix is a great listen from beginning to end.

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Download:Tony Williams Ft. Kanye West, King Chip & Freddie Gibbs 'Another You' (Remix)


Tony Williams is back with the remix to Another You, produced by Grammy Award winning producer Bink!. This time, he has enlisted King Chip and Freddie Gibbs to join him on the Kanye West assisted single, and as far as we can see, it's a G.O.O.D. look.

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Video: Curtis The Great 'Keys'

keys cover  2500


"Beep, beep, who got the keys to the jeep?" I remember the days when Missy Elliot changed the game in hip-hop as a woman, and as an artist upon release of The Rain. Curtis The Great takes us back to the 90's with the lead single, Keys, off his latest project Golden.  The Chicago emcee dexterously flows over the beat breaks, which sample the classic hit song,  with hard hitting lyrics and delivers visuals that are equally nostalgic of the era.

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Why Be Queen When You Can Be King.....For the Day?!?!

naama kates kinf for theday


It's not often that one can see the theatrical talent in musicians...Well, we found it. Naama Kates is a force to be reckoned with and she hit the scene again with a PHENOMENAL video to her song King For the Day. This piece belongs in a musical, on a stage, up in lights....somewhere BIG. Directed by Luis Aguirre in Burbank, CA this video makes you watch. We don't wanna give it away, but definitely watch it through to the end..... It takes a twist and turn!!! The costuming is superb. The makeup is flawless, the set design is outrageous...and we haven't even begun to talk about the actual song!!! Kates' voice is commanding and her lyrics are strong. Do we hear a hint of feminism?!?! LOLOL. This video is HAUTE. We love it and we hope you do too!

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Talk "Big Talk" but She Can Back it Up!



Pulse Recordings artist, Conway, is everything right now!! This time she hits the scene with Big Talk remixed by Peter Wade of MNDR. It's definitely something different and a song that puts you in two different moods- both geared towards the party!!! Her lyrics are in your face and perfectly placed warning those who can't back sh*t up to "hold your fire!". The song takes a musical turn about halfway in and changes the mood to a more sultry party, but lyrically she is still hitting hard. If you missed Conway at SXSW this year, you missed a crazy show, but you can check the song out here (after the jump):

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Tell Us A Story...One That Will Change Our Lives...The Music of J Prophet

Inner City Blues Artwork


J Prophet is an artist from Mt. Vernon, NY by way of Cleveland, OH. He is a self-proclaimed "child of poetry" strong historical poets like Langston Hughes being one of his influencers. J Prophet is a family man, respecting the words and teachings of his grandmother who taught him to express himself through the use of spoken word. Smart woman. He is a stellar lyricist. Prophet has recently released a hit Inner City Blues and this is what his camp has to say about it (after the jump):

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Weekend Rewind: Diplo ‘Express Yourself Remix’ EP



What better way to start the off weekend than to listen to seven re-mixed tracks by some of the most sought after DJ's and producers including Gents and Jawns courtesy of Diplo?!? The Express Yourself EP is undeniably a party goer's dream. Don't believe us, then check it out.

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Love...and Sex...and Magic: the "Lovestry" of Jonathan Winstead



It is not often that you find the perfect mix of Donny Hathaway's romantically sincere lyrics mixed with the sexual and sensual ways of Marvin Gaye. But the world has been blessed with this love-tastic combination. Jonathan Winstead is an award winning singer/songwriter/producer/pianist/all around musical musician that we are so excited about! Culturally conscious, romantic, and seasoned in the art of performance, Jonathan is hitting international stages and airwaves. Take a minute to unwind, find someone perfect to cuddle with and listen to his new single SexyLadyLove.

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Download: Arima Ederra 'Earth To Arima'

Arima Ederra


I've been looking for a sound that I can listen to incessantly, and I think I've found it. Let me introduce you to Arima Ederra. She is soulful, she is knowledgable, and her voice flows like water.

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On Our Radar: WoodrowGerber



Chad "woodrowgerber" Gerber has a story to which so many indie artists can relate and Haute Chicago is excited to support yet another true artist!!

A singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer/composer from Los Angeles, Chad went about following his dreams at an early age. Like many of us, he was sold the major label dream only to be disappointed by its outcome. After multiple offers of super-stardom that were never honored, countless dollars spent on studio time for industry tracks that were never used, and a few brutal attempts at ego-bruising by industry execs, his ambition did not falter. He is an example of how how work and dedication can absolutely pay off!! Sometimes you gotta get it done yourself, and we are super psyched that Chad did.

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