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Download | Okay Future x Underdog The Dj 'The Unseen 7'



Being a musician I come across so much material, and to be honest, even with a 32GB iPhone, there isn't enough space. I suppose I could throw everything in a cloud, but I need absolute musical bliss at my fingertips at all times! I've been an avid supporter of Underdog The DJ, based out of Washington, DC, for a number of years now. From the OkayAfrica parties to the Future Bass parties, I cannot seem to get enough of his sound. I came across The Unseen series on SoundCloudand after the first one, I wanted another and another and another. Fast forward to now...

Enter The Unseen pt. 7. Each time Underdog releases a new mix, I say to myself, "there is no possible way he can trump the last one!" I am ALWAYS wrong. The Unseen 7 is so intense. Presented by Okayfuture, The Unseen pt. 7 is a piece of art. Mixed in one take, like they used to do back in the day, Underdog takes artists like Little Dragon, Kelela, Ta-Ku, Stevie WonderAlice Coltrane and FKA Twigs and blends them together in a way that no one can.

Okay, so I must admit, when I heard the intro I fell into a trance, and then I almost died. This phenomenal music maker took all of these artists and made an insanely electrifying mix, and how did he open it? With the first release of my new group's song Inside U. I didn't even know that he was going to do it! So, beyond the shameless plug, this mix is SICK. The introduction by Egyptrixx makes you feel sexy and the bass drops a few moments later with a track from Motion. What I love about Underdog is that he takes the well-knowns and mixes them with the lesser knowns to make something incredibly special. This is haute, but not the pretentious kind. It the kind that begs you to take off your superficial and LIVE.


-Acdc approved. Get into it.



Egyptrixx – Disorbital [Clip]
Motion x Allison Carney – Tower Blocks (Inside You Underdog edit)
MikeQ Bootleg – Y.A.L.A
Omulu x Yuna – Aquecimento As You Are
Monique Bingham – Danca
Weii x Kelela – All Night
Kelela x Hominidae – The High (Aloe Edit)
Tunde Olanian – Critical (Master)
Flash Frequency x Mista Selecta Remix – Someone Like You
FCK THE BELIEFS – Saul Williams – Demo
Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp
Rilla Force -|| Exclusive Valentines Mix || Stevie Wonder – All I Do [Think About You]
The Weeknd – Drunk Juke Gant Man Rework
DJ PHIL – You Are 14 Snip
Ocean (Juked Out 14) – Acey & Crossfire
Mb-Kitchen Table(Dont Cry) 13..#BonusTrackBrooks Central
Miscommunication [Loose Squares] – Out May 13th
Ta-ku – Krule Love
Das Goldenes Zeitalter & Bajka – The Only Religion That I Believe
Tom & Jerry – Maxi [Mum] Booty Style (Ticklish Reboot)
Prototype – OutKast (starRo Bossa Edit)
Senta Ne Mim Cherecão ( FUNKS DRUMS ) Prod.luckeMUZIK
Hominidae – Roseate
DJ $even $ix-Kumba Lynx
✞ЯфPKiLLΔℤ – Badman
Lone – Begin To Begin
Atjazz & Jullian Gomes – White Rose (Radio Edit)
Atjazz Record Company – The Ritual (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub)
Cooly G: Hold Me (Hyperdub 2013)
Divoli Svere – Silver Bells Ha
DJ N-Cred – Solo Dolo PT II ( Jersey Club Mix )
Mike – Rump Shaker (Jersey Remix)
Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing (Mike Gip Remixxx)
Andrea- Say Lou Lou – Better In The Dark (Andrea Remix)
Cock & Swan – Animal Totem (Chants Remix)
Sango – Fevereiro
FKA Twigs x Nire – Papi Pacify
Andrea – Cashmere Cat – Wedding Bells (Andrea Remix)
Oisima – Oisima – Everything About Her (Ta-ku Remix)
Alice Coltrane – Stopover Bombay
Egyptrixx – Bad Boy (Reduced) [Clip]