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Wednesday Rewind | Miguel 'Simplethings'



So, I admit, I am somewhat obsessed with the HBO series Girls. Judge me if you must, but I think it's healthy to see how other women view life. Plus, Lena Dunham is hilarious to me. Well, since I decided two years ago to eliminate cable television from my home life, whenever I get a chance to catch up on my episodes, I take full advantage. I had just finished watching a pretty awesome episode and decided to get up, make myself useful, and prepare brunch for my kind friends that let me be a couch potato for a few hours in their home. No sooner than I rose, did a smile take residence like an alien invasion on my face.

Strong guitar, I knew what it was immediately. Well, more honestly, I knew who it was. Miguel, to some, is a sex symbol. A musical relative newcomer that has taken the world by storm, but what I see is something totally different. I see an artist, a man, and a sense of freedom flowing from his music that many artists cannot find. There's this "thing" that artists try to attain. Miguel has it.

Simplethings is a single only for the Girls' season soundtrack, and it actually commanded me to purchase the entire album. No, I mean, it jumped out of the TV, grabbed my hand, made me swipe my little thumb over my iPhone and said, "Acdc, you need this. You know you do. I'll even pay for it!" Eh, ok, so most of that is untrue, but you get my point. The song itself was compelling enough for me to purchase the project, and while I'm sure it is an AMAZING audio masterpiece, I wouldn't know because I've been listening to Miguel on repeat for days.



"Smoke with me baby
And lay with me baby
Laugh with me baby
I just want the simple things
Smoke with me baby
Lay with me baby
Laugh with me baby
I just want the simple things
I just want you
Get it baby, I just want you
You, I want you baby
You alright
I just want you, you"

...Miguel just gets it.