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Audio | Auntie Alma's Candy Shop: Interview with Willie D

 willie d podcast 5.19


When it comes to topics like social injustice, it can be a "touchy" subject. However, with the current political climate, more and more artists are starting to speak out on issues that were once taboo to talk about on a public platform.We had the opportunity to speak with Willie D. In true #AuntieAlma form, many of you know her as @SydneyA on twitter, she explores his take on the black lives matter movement, individual growth, and uniting as citizens of a global community. Listen, share, enjoy, + comment. Let the conversation continue. Shout out to Jenny Christian for jumping on this and offering an alternative perspective.

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Audio | Solo Sessions with K'Valentine

kvalentine solo sessions


Bold. Alluring. Witty. These are a couple of words to describe K'Valentine. We caught up with one of the illest emcees Chicago is honored to call its own to talk about the anti-Chiraq movement, being a woman in a male dominated space, how she linked up with Talib Kweli, and more. Here's what she had to say...

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Audio | HauteChicago Podcast Ep 3 - Interview with DOC

doc podcast 4.25



 With credits dating back to his affiliation with NWA, along with his solo hits, DOC undeniably has one of the illest pens in the game.  It's been over 20 years since the tragic accident that crushed his larynx, following the release of his debut album that catapulted the emcee to the top of the charts. However, the hip hop phenom's voice and ability to touch people proves the title is well deserved, and that No One Can Do It Better.

We had the opportunity to talk with him about Straight Outta Compton the movie, music, the truth about the accident, parenthood, his love for Erykah Badu, and more. Here's what he had to say...

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Dial'AFreaq, But You Can't Use My Phone...#AskBadu



Erykah Badu is one of those artists that needs no introduction. Since the moment she stepped on the scene, the lyrical gyspyfly has been captivating audiences globally with her esoteric wisdom, effortless beauty, and eccentric style. It's been five years since New Amerykah Part Two dropped and after music lovers patiently waited, she quietly set the internet on on fire with Cel U Lar Device (a remake of Hotline Bling) from her latest project But You Caint Use My Phone. With features from Andre 3000 and Drake, the mix-tape is a series of "phone inspired" songs coined after her hit single Tyrone. On theme, Badu has cleverly hidden her phone number in the three cover art images released for this project as an added bonus.


I know, I know, I am not telling you anything new... so in an effort to not go 'on and on and such and such'...let me just say the way she blends samples from her previous works and mashes them up with other sampled music is executed flawlessly. Although I'll Call You Back and Hello are among my faves, Dial'Afreaq is a nice twist to Afrika Bambaataa's Planet Rock.  If you still haven't deciphered the code to call her burner cellular device, no worries...  the Analog Girl took to the digital world to answer a few questions from the twitter-sphere. In case you missed it, here are a few things that she had to say...


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Designer to Watch: Aminah Abdul-Jillil

Aaj bordeaux bow pump


We are constantly obsessed with the influence and aspiration of the luxurious design houses that we have come to know and admire as household names. But, there is something more satisfying about the discovery of the unsung heroes — the designers who believe in their talent, craft and ability to create a brand that commands attention.

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, shoe designer Aminah Abdul Jillil does exactly that. Offering a collection of booties, ankle-strap flats, and pumps, each pair offers intense detailing in some form. Our greatest obsession: the bow pump and flat.

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Tales of Two Kitties (Angela and Vava Take Chicago)



 It is not very often that I see a set of best friends and think “These are my best friends in my head!” lol, but that is exactly the case when it comes to Angela and Vava, the owners and curators of The Store On Queen (in Toronto). The unlikely pair, which includes a Restaurateur and a Fashion buyer, had a serendipitous meeting in 2012 and have never looked back (read the whole story at www.thestoreonqueen.com). Being a patron of their store isn’t just a shopping trip, its experience for the senses! There recent trip to the Chi was no exception. Their whimsical sense of style, and unabashed zeal for life came alive with Chicago as its beautiful backdrop! From Asian headpieces to sequins and tulle, these two beauties lit up the town in some of the most daring frocks to hit the streets since Carrie Bradshaw took a trip to Abu Dhabi ☺ Thanks for gracing us, come back soon ladies <3

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Rolos & Icons: An Exhibit by Tony Peralta

rolos icons2


I've been following @saintfrida on Instagram for a while now, simply for my love of Frida Kahlo. One particular day I spent avoiding life and simultaneously scrolling on IG, I came across a flyer for the opening of Rolos & Icons. I knew I had to be there for the opening. I wasn't familiar with Peralta's work, but I spent some time that day looking at his site and e-shop and decided my attendance was a must. Departing New York two hours after the opening was a must as well. So, I packed my things, hopped on the F train, and made my way downtown. I knew it was going to be packed, but I had no idea that it was going to be THAT packed.

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We Wanna Be Close To You | Last Night in Paris With Taurean Roye

taurean roy 11 15


I stepped off the stage at the Vinyl Room at the Soho House in NYC and needed some fresh air. Most artists are like that when we finish a show. I made my way down the carpeted hallways to the elevator, which was crowded with people. Once I got through the crowd of beautiful people to the front door, I was surprised to have it opened by this striking being. He smiled. I immediately knew he was an artist, and that is exactly what I asked him. His boys low key-arrogantly informed me that it was obvious, but the striking individual that opened the door reached out his hand and said "Hey I'm Taurean."

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Audio | Pull: Saba's 'Heartstrings'

saba heartstrings


Imagine every single voice you've ever heard and loved...really picture and feel how your favorites sound and make you feel. Take a minute to remember why you love their voices so much. Keep going...keep going...a little more....now stop. Clear your entire mind of what it's used to when it comes to singers and get into my newest love, Saba.

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Something for the Gentlemen: Chmps ?! Parisse

 champs paris 75.11.2


Self-coined as a luxury street fashion store, the brand gets it right every time. True panache comes from the ability to look on-trend yet classic simultaneously, giving the vision that the selection was oh-so effortlessly curated. Now, enter Stephane Adonai and Jaii’C Tan, the designers and owners of Chmps ?! Parisse, the Parisian brand who’s Instagram (@champaris75) makes you want to slice denim precisely, only to pair it with footwear and outerwear that would make a style prodigy nauseous – in the best way. The duo showcases how global influences can interlace, creating looks that are internationally coveted and appropriate—from the cobblestone streets of London, to the coastal island of Santorini. Applause is definitely due.

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