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Color to Try: Cashmere Rose

color to try cashmere rose


Why we love it: Fall’s take on a softer palette of blush pink, Pantone’s Cashmere Rose is an unexpected neutral, but provides more impact than the typical nude or beige.

What to wear it with: Pair the color with variations of grey (Stormy Weather), oxblood (Marsala), and olive (Dried Herb). We love the fact that Cashmere Rose blends into both men’s and women’s wardrobes, adding a touch of color that is perfect for building on fall’s trend of layers. It’s the welcomed intruder, breaking up monochromatic looks just a bit, without ruining the relationship.

How to wear it: The key is to pick the right hue, so that it doesn’t appear that spring is being channeled to early. Pair the color with distressed denim, or as a layered jersey t-shirt under a merino wool sweater. Cashmere Rose also works magic as the selection of choice for furs and leather accent pieces and of course, it’s a sultry counterpart for black.

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Audio | R∆§H∆Ð 'Time' (freestyle) prod. via DJ Premier

 rashadmusic 1


Fresh off of his latest release I Thought About Leaving Her from his forth coming project The Quiet Loud (due out in mid November) The Columbus Ohio native R∆§H∆Ð pens a new track titled Time (Freestyle) which is his personal message to the young generation. In a time where racial tensions are high, and there's been a call to galvanize the young African American sector. R∆§H∆Ð steps to the plate and encourages the youth to...

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Audio | HauteChicago Podcast Ep 2 - Interview with GI of H-Town

gi htown podcast ep2


 The music industry isn't what or how it used to be. As technology continues to advance, it is becoming easier for artists to connect with music lovers all over the globe with a click of the mouse. But what is the magic formula that gives an artist or artists longevity? Is there even such a thing?? Well, today we had the opportunity to speak with GI Jackson of the legendary RnB group H-Town. With 22 years under their belt, countless awards, and record breaking sales as the highest grossing independent male RnB male group in the world... he answers these questions and more. If you missed the live broadcast, listen below.

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Ready, set, STROBE!



If you've ever struggled with a YouTube tutorial of 'how to contour' then the new strobing trend is going to blow your mind! Get ready to glow with the new 'strobing' trend that has been on an astounding number of Summer and Fall 2015 runway presentations! Strobing is the softer more luminescent cousin of contouring. The goal is the exaggerate the spots where the light naturally hits (think top of the cheekbones, chin, center of the forehead) with radiant results. I highly recommend using a lower price point item when trying trends, my favorite product high end or low is the TrueMatch Lumi compact by L'oreal. I have included a cool visual tutorial that should get you off to a great start!
You're welcome

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Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas...



I know what you're thinking.. 'Fur for the Fall? Groundbreaking' (in your best Devil Wears Prada voice) lol! But before you totally write me off, let me explain my new found LOVE for Fall fur. This season fur is being done is a highly stylized, vintage way.. Think more Greta Garbo and less 1999 J-Lo. That's right, the fur stole is back, and this time it means business! The Fall 2015 runways were littered with lush fur stoles that totally brought 1940's glamour back to the present. Major fashion houses like Prabal Gurang, Thakoon, and Ohne Titel have all made use of some pretty amazing fur stoles for their Fall showings. Unlike other trends, this is an easy way to dress up any outfit and look super chic! Try it with a monochromatic ensemble, over a trench, or even with denim on denim for maximum impact! You're welcome.

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Holy Platforms Batman!!




The Fall season has arrived, and with that comes a brand new crazy.sexy.cool Fall 2015 presentation from none other than Ruthie Davis! Ruthie (who is known for her over top mix or 5 inch heels, platform soles, and lucite) has brought her "A" game with this Super-Heroine inspired collection. Ruthie has mixed the ketchie side of comic book noir with a sexy sophistication that her fans like Beyoncé and Fergie love! Not unlike her summer 2015 collection, this Fall offering is layered with bold words and symbols that are sure to creep into the hearts of even the most jaded of fashionistas ❤️

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Introducing ndPUSH | Novalis '1.5' EP



 If you follow us on social media, then you have probably noticed that from time to time we post music that you can't find on our website. With the abundance of amazingly talented artists out there, it is impossible for us to cover them all and still offer our readers a well rounded cultural experience. Yet as music lovers of all genres, we understand the desire to find sources of dope new content. That's where NdPush comes in. As an extension of Haute Chicago, It is a digital playlist pushing indie artists to the forefront. The best thing about it is even if you're on the go, all you have to do is plug in your aux cord and PUSH 'play'.

Speaking of amazingly talented artists on ndPUSH....

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Audio | HauteChicago Podcast Ep 1 - Interview with Adina Howard

adina howard 8.31


Sexual liberation among women in the industry has long been a topic surrounded by controversy. However, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Artists such as Madonna, Salt-N-Peppa, TLC, and Adina Howard have championed the cause by not only making the statement 'I am Woman,' but unashamedly doing so on their own terms.

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Short Film | Hezekiah: Dreams Don't Chase Themselves



Langston Hughes once posed the question, 'What happens to a dream deferred?' Dreams Don't Chase Themselves is a powerful short film where Hezekiah's character chronicles the various challenges he's been faced with in the pursuit of his career. It explores a range of emotion anywhere from self doubt to handling outside influences. In each scene he skillfully demonstrates how important it is to internalize, acknowledge, and address the things that are standing in the way of his vision coming to fruition. As his character goes on this revelatory exploration through a series of dreams, he awakens to the realization that he could very well be his own worse enemy.

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Public School S/S '15 Sneaker Collection




Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi, have done it again! Since winning the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award in 2013, the New York based dynamic duo have in no way fallen short in making the statement that class is in session. Public School's spring/summer '15 delivery is easily among the ranks of the bigger named design houses that also have their hand in luxury sneakers. Beyond the use of choice materials, textures, and the sleek designs the collection simply offers something for almost every occasion.

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