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Giving Into the Wynter | Wynter Gordon 'Giving In'



With an angelic voice like hers, you cannot decide whether to close your eyes and be still or move with the beat. 'After you feel it, you're never the same again...' and that is beyond the truth. Wynter Gordon is so on point with her single Giving In. The backdrop is a bit melancholy, but still exciting. It's almost like you are giving into something you know you shouldn't, but you can't help it because it sounds so amazing. Her project Human Condition Pt. 2 Sanguine is one of those that you need on your playlist. It's perfect for late night deep conversations or early morning silent sunrises. It is PERFECTION.

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Wednesday Rewind: 'Nolita' Gilbere Forte feat. Active Child



I must admit, anything featuring Active Child gets my stamp of approval, but Nolita is something that not only gets my stamp, it gets my attention. Gilbere Forte approaches this song from the broken heart perspective...and I LOVE it!!!! Often men don't come across sincere when they talk about love lost...but he does and his voice is PERFECT.... 'Smelling like my past........Imagine Dragon tattoo....Everything reminds me of you....' Is he talking simply about a woman, or a place or both in a way? You be the judge...but listen closely. The electronic sounds combined with the drums make this futuristic track come together with such ease you almost fall in love with Forte's love lost. ...and we've all been there. This song is haute. Gilbere Forte is everything!!! Active Child puts it over the TOP!!!

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This is No Ordinary Music... Azekel



With Sade references, how can you lose? Azekel's vocals (with his accent peeking through) are like a massage, but his "love" message is a bit different than Sade's No Ordinary Love. This song touches on family love, the love between a father and his son....truly no ordinary love. You fall in love with the familiarity of the music but if you take the time to listen to the words, you are taken to a different place...a very powerful one. This is an "haute" of a different kind...and we love it. Azekel is one to watch.

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Blessed By a Saint | Solange Knowles 'Saint Heron'


The culture of music has been changing for some time now, floating just below the clouds, awaiting the perfect landing spot.   But instead of waiting for a manicured grassy knoll to clear, we are presented with a floral, edgy, beaded, vibrant Knowles, and the landing was perfection.  With the November 12th release of Saint Heron, a compilation of genre-bending R&B artists, Solange Knowles has positioned herself (and her budding label Saint Records) to be a catalyst for the change in music as we know it.

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All That Glitters | 'So Kate' Metallic Loubs




Louboutin has long been the "standard" in sexy luxury, but this season they have outdone themselves with a metallic (holiday ready) version of their So Kate stiletto pump. As if it's metallic mirrored gold upper isn't enough to make you melt, it also comes with the signature red bottom Louboutin has made world famous. Given the fact that shoe has been on back-pre-order since June, it's totally obvious that this recent incarnation is the epitome of holiday chic!!!!

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J-Michael's Designs 'Greed' Signature Python Handbag



Greed is the latest in the Sinful Series of handbags that local designer, Jason Micheal, launched over the summer. This peace was crafted from hand picked exotic python skin and is available in a couple of different color options. The series as a whole takes an essential piece in women's wardrobing and turns them into fucntional works of art. With an emphasis on color, size, shape, and tetures... this bag is 'designed for the sinfully wild in you'.

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The Suits Spring/Summer 2014



 The Suits represents a new generation of tailoring. Rock and Roll inspired, this Antwerp based design house offers a clean and fitted hand-made look. 

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Preach Fall/Winter 2013



 Founded by Frank Prenntzell and Michael Gerlach,  Preach is more than fashion.  It is an attitute. Based on their credo "We do it our way," the brand was designed for individuals who don't follow trends yet interpret them to create their own style.

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Balmain Red Waxed Suede High Top Sneakers



Balmain offers up a hard hitting red suede hightop sneaker that is nothing short of pure hauteness. With leather straps with velcro enclosures, a ribbed leather tongue, intentionally distressed and dirtied areas, and white rubber soles... it is by far one of our top luxe picks for fall/winter 2013.

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Celebrity Instagrams: Meek Mill in Extendo Tee by Cease and Desist



Meek Mill took to instagram to post an image from the press conference he participated in over the weekend with Dion Waiters of the Cleveland Cavaliers promoting his upcoming Dream Chasers Sports & Entertainment Submit. Although the sumit will be taking place in his hometown on August 30, we couldn't help but notice the Philly rapper rocking the Extendo Tee by Cease and Desist

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