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Breathe...dream...scream...LOVE. The music of Denitia and Sene.

denitia and sene


YOU NEED THIS. That is how I choose to begin this blog post. Yes, I said it...YOU NEED THIS. I cannot begin to describe how necessary it is to have a song like this in your life, but I will try. Denitia and Sene have created the quintessential piece of music for those early hours in the morning post-turn-up when you and your friends are getting back from the dopest party in town, still dressed to a T (sans footwear of course), on a rooftop somewhere perfect watching the sunrise in utter silence. The background harmonies are perfect and the lead vocals are deep, sexy and TRUE! If you don't believe me, just breathe...dream...then scream out all your inhibitions. This song is what real life feels like after the socialites and tastemakers are gone and all that's left are the real people. GET INTO IT. So amazing. So Haute.

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Holdin on to....Soul 'Holdin On' by Flume

flume holdin on
All the futuristic music we love often has one thing in common: a strong connection to Soul Music.  So we decided to reach back in our "Oh yeah, this is dope" arsenal to revive a track that speaks to this marriage. Flume takes the past and brings it into the present so effortlessly, you gotta respect it!

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We Like a Dirty Mind... Natasha Kmeto

natasha kmeto dirty mind cover


Natasha Kmeto is definitely dropping gems on her debut EP. It opens with Dirty Mind Melt, with the artist's  sampled vocal, and makes us curious as to what is coming next...almost childlike ambiance with a really intense musical backdrop...possibly even dark. I definitely am digging the song and would honestly LOVE to hear it in a mix!!! It's the type of song that puts you in a zone and makes you want to travel further down the road to see where it leads. We cannot WAIT to hear what Kmeto has in store for us!!!

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Designer to Watch: Nicci Hou

Nicci Hou Canary Skirt


She is no newcomer to the industry, but her brand is steadily becoming more of a household name. Known by some of the industry’s best fashion stylists, socialites and celebrities, Hou’s most recent showcase was worn by Destiny Child’s Michelle Williams to the BET Awards and received exception reviews.  Nicci Hou’s signature ruffle is show stopping, distinguishing her blouses, skirts and gowns from other contenders in the game.

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Liam Fahy London: The Charlotte Pump

Liam Fahy
For a designer that produced his first collection in 2011, you would think that Liam Fahy needs room for improvement and growth.  Not at all the case.  A product of the De Montford University in England, Fahy has studied under the likes of Rupert Sanderson, and has received the nod of approval from Manolo Blahnik.  

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JeHee Sheen S/S 2014



After spending two years at Georgio Armani in Milan, Jehee Sheen took that experience and launched his signature line. His minimalist yet chic take on men's fashion has caused him to the top of Asian designers since the launch. Staying true to his artistic vision and cultural values, his Spring/Summer 2014 collection focuses on clean lines, basic colors, and essential peices that incorporate the ideology of Western fashion without compromising Eastern tradition.

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Trend to Try: Mixed Prints


We often find that we take ourselves too seriously and don't want to move outside of our norm. This season is the ultimate time to embrace sexiness with a bit of edge—mixed prints, leather, and the girl next door meets Treated Crew. Ultimate dopeness.

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Gucci Pre-Fall 2013



Beauty never leaves the room when creative meetings are taking place at Gucci. For just about every campaign, every time, the fashion house ceases the moment and finds a way to be current yet timeless, incorporating both into their creative campaigns. An interesting use of lighting and shadows gives the images depth, in a sultry, alluring kind of way.

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Skin to Skin.... Skintown 'Ride'



The Wknd definitely set the tone for a lot of artists coming out, and paired up with a stamp from MTV, Skintown's Ride hit the charts strong. What sets 2013's music apart from the past is its deliberate yet simple existence. Listeners don't need much, but they need stability from the sounds. Ride delivers that, and we like. The song flows and allows you to vibe out without changing the pace or the mood. Its sexy...and we like sexy for sure. We can dig it.

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Download: Dallas Blocker 'Bad' (Wale Cover)

dallas blocker bad


The moment you hear the familiar guitar riff, you are immediately pulled in. What happens next is most unexpected. Dallas Blocker takes a radio banger laced with Wale's unique brand of flow and flips it entirely putting a melody to the verses! As much as we love to hear Tiara Thomas' sultry rasp on the track, we are pleasantly surprised at the sexy male vocals in her place. "Is it bad that he never made love?" Not necessarily, if we continue to get music like this from Blocker. What he has created is a bridge to fill the gap between Hip Hop and R&B. Lyrically, the song has Wale all over it, but it was ingenious to take something so popular, make it even sexier, and give it to the world. If this is the first time you've experienced Dallas Blocker, this was the perfect introduction. Melodically dope.

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